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Taking part

This page explains the DRAFT3-CASP Study for people who might be interested in joining

General information

1,894 adult patients with a fracture of their distal radius will be invited to take part from hospitals across the UK. Half of these people will be treated in a cast and half in a removable splint. All of the patients will be given the same information and advice about their injury and their recovery.

Which treatment a person gets will be decided by a computer. Everyone has an equal chance of getting either treatment. After three months everyone will receive a questionnaire. The questions will ask about what activities they can do, if they have any problems, about their quality of life and any costs that have been incurred because of the injury.

Patient Information

If you are considering taking part in the DRAFT3-CASP Study, please follow the link below to open the DRAFT3-CASP Participant Information Tool. Here you can view the key information needed to decide whether to take part.

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Oxford Trauma
Kadoorie Centre
University of Oxford
John Radcliffe Hospital
Headley Way
Oxford OX3 9DU

[email protected]

01865 223113

The DRAFT3-CASP study is funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research – Health Technology Assessment (Award ID: NIHR134681). The views expressed are those of the authors and are not intended to be representative of the views of the funder, sponsor or other participating organisations.

The information contained in this website is for general information about the DRAFT3-CASP study and is provided by the University of Oxford (Oxford Trauma).

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